Frame Lift from Paul's computer movie.   
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Seaview Movie by Paul Eckstedt (bio).

     Paul Eckstedt was born in 1954, a product of the Cold War, Space Race and the 60's unique TV programming.   It was an interesting period of change, and the media, television in particular, often mirrored technology's advancement, major world events and the tensions of the times. 
    "It really fueled my imagination," Paul says. "The idea of traveling thru space or under the sea was definitely cool stuff for a kid. The gadgets and craft were always intriguing."  As a result, he spent many hours sketching and designing things and building scratch built models and store-purchased versions. This was just another way to tie one’s imagination with the world around, which eventually led up to a career in design.
     Today, Paul works as a designer in the San Francisco Bay Area.  As part of his work, Paul also creates various 3-D animations or visualizations to depict how a part or system works. Some of that work can be very industrial and constrained, so as a departure, much like when he was a kid, at home he still builds models, except they are in the 3-D world of the computer.
     Several models are in the works. The Seaview model when completed, will serve as the blueprint for an actual 8 ft. scale model Paul would like to build in the near future. It’s planned to be radio controlled. Paul also has the beginnings of a Jupiter 2 and B-9 Robot 3-D computer model from the Lost in Space series. "I like to tinker when I get a chance," he says, "so I’m not on any set time schedule, it’s just for fun!

Wire representation of Seaview, Paul Eckstedt.

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