Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fan and Seaview purist (that's a good thing) Paul Lubliner has provided this site with special Season One, Vol.1 DVD cover art, a small version of which can be seen at right.  It reflects the correct version of the Seaview, as it should have been depicted on the official release box art.  The"corrected" Seaview matches the first season Four Foot production model.  These are offered courtesy Mr. Lubliner.  Choose the size download you wish.  The bigger, the better for printing.  Open the image in Photosuite or similar software and then print the detailed image in the proper size.    

Box cover should be printed 7.5 inches high. 
Disc Cover insert should be printed 7.25 inches high.  In both cases, maintain aspect ratio.  Click through to image below, then save by right clicking image, then click Save As.

Paul Lubliner's alternate box art.

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