The laughing admiral.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Cutiepie Curly.


Get ready the feathers.
  The laughing officers. Nice hats, gentlemen.

Sudden schock.
It's no drill, and Corbett knows it.!

 "Doomsday" begins when the lighthearted fun of a King Neptune equator-crossing "ceremony" is abruptly interrupted by a Failsafe alert.  Crane is surprised at the timing and Nelson observes that that the missile officer would know if a test was scheduled; Commander Corbett, temporarily assigned to Seaview as missile officer, is as shocked as everyone else at the turn of     War Alert.
events, and says so.  In reality, the Soviets have mass-launched a group of innocent communications satellites without telling anyone.  The blunder is unknown to US officials, and things quickly escalate to a mistaken state of war.

My eyes. My eyes!    Tension is running high when a piece of equipment explodes in Kowalski's face, spraying glass shards into his eyes.  Doc races to the control room to find Ski blinded and in need of surgery.  He escorts him back to sickbay as the weight of their predicament settles over the ship.    Doc, will I see again?

It's WAR, Admiral--This is no drill!
I cannot destroy the world, Admiral

  When the Failsafe system goes to war status, all jaws drop.  Corbett in particular is horrified by the implications and fails to turn his key to activate the system.  Confronted by Nelson, he says: This isn't an exercise, Admiral -- it's real.  I cannot destroy the world, Admiral.  I can't.
Nelson: It's not you.
Corbett: It's not?  Then who is it?
Nelson (extending his hand to take Corbett's key): It's me.

Turing the key on eternity.
Nelson's loyalty is to a sworn oath.

A struggle ensues and Nelson overpowers the distraught Corbett in order to get his key. The Admiral activates the final slot -- he, Crane and Morton having already entered and turned their keys.  The system is activated and the missiles are released, now ready for firing.  Corbett is confined to his quarters.

The desperate tone of events is set by an exchange that occurs between the normally mild Patterson and seaman Clark, who, has been caught out of uniform and covered with grease and feathers, part of the equator-crossing fun.
"It's like when I was a kid," Patterson asserts, "my mom always used to say don't go out when you're dirty.  Always look right. You might get into an accident and what will the ambulance guy think if you're dirty?"
Clark (Thoughtfully): "Yeah, that's it."Patterson:
Patterson: "Yeah, well don't worry how you look, Clark.  Nobody's gonna see us again. Not ever."

A serious Patterson, the end of the world.
"Nobody's gonna see us again.  Not ever."

Black and white screen captures courtesy Stephanie Kellerman

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