Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

The laughing officers. Nice hats, gentlemen.   


It's WAR, Admiral--This is no drill!

Missile officer Corbett wrestles with his conscience.
This is no drill, Admiral.  A missile officer knows!

    "Doomsday" was Voyage's most morally conscious entry.  The episode begins when the lighthearted fun of a King Neptune equator-crossing "ceremony" is abruptly interrupted by a Failsafe alert.  But it's no test!  In reality, the Soviets have mass-launched a group of innocent communications satellites without telling anyone.      Doomsday
The blunder is unknown to US officials, and things quickly escalate to a mistaken state of war.

doomsday_nelson_pained.jpg - 5456 Bytes
Adamant Admiral

    At the heart of Doomday's power is the struggle between missile officer Corbett's conscience and his rebellion at the horror of their orders to stand-by to launch nuclear weapons.  On the other side of the equation is Nelson's acceptance of duty even in the face of horror.  One man speaks for humanity, one man speaks for his country.  This episode dares to question Nelson's  stand--there are no blacks and whites.

doomsday_corbetkey.jpg - 9095 Bytes
Conscience of Corbett

My eyes! I can't see!
    Tension runs high just as a piece of equipment explodes in Kowalski's face, spraying glass shards into his eyes.  Doc races to the control room to find the wounded crewman blinded and in need of surgery.
Doc...will I be OK?

    In this story set amidst the threat of nuclear war, Seaview is eventually pursued by enemy destroyers as Doc attempts to save the blinded Kowalski's sight.  This episode is a well-written, thoughtful and exciting exploration of the nuclear threat.
Seaview below--pursued by hostiles from above.
Try to hold still, will you.
Black and white screen captures courtesy Stephanie Kellerman

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