Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

How would you like your block knocked off?       

Paul Carr 
Seaman Clark

When I get out of here......

Clark demonstrated an intensity
bordering on psychosis.

Paul Carr, Feb. 1, 1934-Feb. 17, 2006 
Paul Carr's Official Website

In high school, voted most likely
to end up behind bars.

Seaman Clark seldom, if ever, smiled.  His touchy first season character would have been out of place when Voyage moved to color and lighter stories in its second season, so, sadly, seaman Clark was put out to sea (so to speak).   Yet he was one of the most endearing crew members during season one, if for no other reason than that he lived so close to the edge.  And he could be depended on!  If anyone was going to lose it, it was seaman Clark.  If anyone was going to come apart at the seams under stress, it was seaman Clark.  If anyone was going to wind up in the brig for insubordination, it was--yes, you guessed it--seaman Clark.  You could see it in his eyes.  You could sense it in the downward curl of his lip--in the desperate darting of his pupils.  It seemed as though injecting instability into the story lines was the primary function he served. 

.....that and to make Doc look bad for ever having OK'd the man for submarine duty.  It is fitting that he was the only regular killed off during the course of the series (well, sort of).  In year two of Voyage, Paul Carr played a seaman Benson, displaying every Clarkism in the book--capped off by an insane obsession with killing Captain Crane.  The poor bastard wound up being eaten by a dinosaur, a fate he richly deserved, though thanks to the indiscriminate use of stock footage, seaman Benson/Clark's ghost subsequently haunted the corridors of submarine Seaview for years to come.   

clark3.jpg - 12615 Bytes
Photos courtesy of Stephanie Kellerman

benson_dinosaur_death.jpg - 7345 Bytes Relish the look
on poor Benson/
Clark's face just
seconds before he 
was eaten alive
by a monstrous
dinosaur in season
two's Terror On
Dinosaur Island.
Hats off to Paul Carr for his able portrayal of
Seaman Clark . . . err . . . Benson.

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