Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

View Videos of Chiller Voyage session by clicking on links below.

David Hedison's Name--Al or David 
David Hedison on The Phantom

David Hedison on Characterization

Terry Becker on the Voyage cast & Richard Basehart

Terry Becker on The Rock Men

Terry Becker on long term reaction to the show 

Terry Becker On his Amazon Cake Decors business

Allan Hunt on Bob Dowdell

Allan Hunt on Theater & LIS

Inspired to join Navy  (Listen closely)   

Plaque Presentation

Much appreciation to Stephanie Kellerman for providing links to these videos.  After you view the cast as they speak about Voyage, learn all about Richard Basehart at  Richard Basehart Dot Com .

chiller_wide_shot_2004._kellerman.jpg - 23566 Bytes
Photo Taken by Stephanie gives an idea of the frantic activity going on in the Chiller tent.

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