Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Chiller, 2004

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In the tent -- John and Diane Kachmar with friend, David Hedison at Chiller 2004.  The Kachmars are wonderful people who help keep this site up-to-date with information on David's latest appearances.     
David and friends.

Photo taken with David the last day of Chiller, just before
packing up to head home from the big event.

David Hedison, Allan Hunt, Terry Becker, Del Monroe.
Group photo taken late on Sunday: David, Allan, Terry, Del.

Diane and Del.
Diane and Del Monroe, who Diane says was
nice to everybody.   Also unassuming and
genuine from my experience with Del at
Starcon several years ago.
Diane and Allan
Diane says: Allan Hunt kept asking me
Roy Scheider questions.  So I gave him
my book (on Scheider)  to read at the con. 
Super nice guy.  Had everyone laughing.

David Hedison and Del Monroe, two very nice people. 

David and Del on Sunday.  Their tables were next to each other and they would often pass back and forth and pose for pictures together or with fans.

Diane and Terry Becker
Diane says: Terry Becker was quite the storyteller.  I told him he should go on the lecture circuit.

Group shot and one lucky lady.
There was a photo session on Sunday where all the table help posed with the four guys for pictures and this is Diane's.

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