Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Terry and Joe Becker's Nifty Autographed Seaview Auction

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Terry Becker's son, Joe, is placing several Polar Lights Seaview models up for auction on Ebay.  As Joe writes: "Each is an exceptionally rare, autographed Polar Lights Seaview model kit, the box of which is hand signed by David Hedison (Captain Crane), Terry Becker (Chief Sharky), Del Monroe (Kowalski), and Allan Hunt (Stu Riley),and then factory sealed.  Each kit was signed in person by the cast members at a recent science-fiction convention before factory sealing, and will be up for auction via Ebay.  The Polar Lights kit is a faithful reproduction of the classic Aurora kit from the 1960s, featuring the original box art.  The all plastic assembly kit comes with a dimensional base ocean floor for creating a realistic diorama."

Check Ebay, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, to see if one of these models is currently up for auction. 
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The part I think is really cool is that the boxes were signed prior to factory sealing.
--Mike B

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