Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Spotlight Photo - Seaview in the Arctic

Arctic Seaview Red.

Arctic Seaview combo.

     In mid-May, this site first presented the dramatic image above left--a miniature effects shot of the Seaview in the arctic. Notice that the fire in the sky has not yet been laid in.  The image was so red-shifted that it was impossible to restore any semblance of color.  Mark at NeoLASE , an occasional contributor to this site, was inspired to create the cool image above right using Photoshop.  He recently followed up by providing the image below from the Voyage feature.  It is with great pleasure that this site shares this - one of L.B. Abbott's brilliant Voyage effects shots presented with the clarity and sharpness it deserves.  Read on below for details on how the shot was created.
My God! The sky's on fire!
18 foot miniature afloat in Sersen Lake        The original miniature photography for most of the arctic shots was done in Fox's studio back-lot effects lake, (left).  The lighting for mood was partially adjusted in printing, then the fire in the sky was laid in.  As L.B. Abbott wrote in his book, Special Effects--Wire, Tape and Rubber Band Style, "My most puzzling problem was how to create the flaming Van Allen Belt.  After considerable conversation with Frank O'Connor, ace Fox mechanical effects supervisor, we elected to give it a try using flame throwers.  
These would throw a roaring jet of flame horizontally a distance of about 20 feet.  We shot the flames with a high-speed camera at four and a half times normal speed against a black sky so they could be multiplied easily.  We used about 10 takes of our original shooting in the opticals. By reducing some elements and enlarging others, it was possible to portray a diminishing perspective.  As I recall, it took 57 passes through the (optical) printer to produce the desired effect."  This effect was then optically blended with the studio effects lake footage to create the final footage of Seaview in the arctic with flaming sky as seen above. 

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